The Event

According to Pope Francis, Catholic Education, which aims to promote New Evangelization in our constantly changing historical and cultural scenario, is one of the most important challenges facing the Roman Catholic Church. In this context, from November 30 to December 3, 2015, all Franciscan communities involved in educational pathways are invited to participate in the 5th Encounter of the Ibero-American Centers for Higher Franciscan Studies and the First National Congress of Franciscan Educators – CFMB.

Organized by the Província Franciscana da Imaculada Conceição do Brasil, the event will explore the theme “Franciscan Education: Hope in a New Humanity” and will offer participants several opportunities for reflection, debate and exchange of experiences about the role and responsibilities of Catholic Christians engaged in educational endeavors, and share best practices in the formation of virtues and values.

Thematic Pillars of the Encounter

This pillar proposes to raise understanding that any educational proposal should promote the holistic formation of the human being. According to Pope Francis, “The educator in Catholic schools must be, first of all, very competent, qualified and, at the same time, rich in humanity, capable of being in the midst of young people with a pedagogical style, to promote their human and spiritual growth. “
The educational proposal of a Christian and Franciscan institution aims to form teachers who teach through the example of their lives: These are teachers who can mentor their students in the best ways to love, do good, study, learn and conduct research. These are teachers who can offer youth a quality education based on the nurturing of virtues not merely enunciated, but also lived. These are teachers who are able to translate Franciscan virtues into everyday attitudes and real life testimonials.
To transmit values such as Fraternity, Solidarity, Humility, Prudence, Unity and so many others is, consequently, one of the key objectives of the educational proposal of a Christian and Franciscan institution, so young people may grow both in knowledge and in faith and character.


Catholic educational institutions must offer to all an educational proposal that looks to the integral development of the person and that responds to the right of all to access learning and knowledge. According to Pope Francis, “all equally are called to offer -- with full respect of each one’s liberty and of the methods proper to the school environment -- the Christian proposal, namely Jesus Christ as the meaning of life, of the cosmos and of history.”
To educate is an act of love. The educators involved must awake their passion, use their best resources, and with patience take the road together with young people. It is a long road and requires commitment and dedication.
We must constantly seek answers to one fundamental question: Why do we educate? We educate for a better world, in hope for a new humanity. “ It is the hope that comes from Christian wisdom, which through the Risen Christ reveals to us the divine nature to which we are called” – Pope Francis.



Target audience: Rectors, directors, academic and administrative managers, coordinators from academic and pastoral departments, teachers, Franciscan religious who work in formal and informal educational settings, friars involved in Higher Education, and lay people interested in the topic.
Theme: Franciscan Education: Hope in a New Humanity.
Date: 11/30/2015 to 12/03/2015
Venue: Teatro Bom Jesus, FAE Centro Universitário – Rua 24 de Maio, 135, Curitiba, PR – Brazil

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